Israeli Airstrikes Target Hamas Positions In Gaza In Response To Launch Of Explosive Balloons


Israeli fighter jets struck a number of “terror targets” in a Hamas military compound in Gaza on Tuesday in response to arson balloons launched earlier from into Israeli territory, IDF confirmed.

Several days of Gaza militant groups launching incendiary devices into Israel continued on Tuesday with a cluster of balloons reportedly dropping an explosive charge near Nir Oz Kibbutz, though no damage or casualties were reported.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed in a statement that it had carried out two strikes in Gaza in retaliation for the launching of balloons affixed with explosives towards Israel, one of which landed near an Israeli border community on Sunday.

“IDF helicopter gunships attacked two positions of the Hamas terrorist organization in the southern Gaza Strip in response to the influx of balloons carrying an explosive charge towards Israeli territory,” the statement said, adding that the balloon “caused no casualties or damage.”

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