Israel: Vaccination Campaign Launched In Orthodox Neighborhoods Amid Worst Measles Outbreak In Decades


The Health Ministry on Sunday approved the “intensive measures” that would be introduced in neighborhoods in Yerushalayim and Beit Shemesh to combat one of the worst measles outbreaks Israel has seen in decades.

Starting Monday, Tipat Halav perinatal care centers in the Yerushalayim neighborhoods of Ramot, Givat Shaul, Ramat Eshkol, Romema, Sanhedria and Ramat Shlomo will extend their opening hours until 8 p.m. every day for the next two weeks. Care centers in in Beit Shemesh and Beitar Illit will also be open late.

In addition, mobile vaccination clinics will be sent to the neighborhoods that are home to the largest spread of known infections — 753 have been recorded in Yerushalayim’s charedi communities alone — and where the immunization rate is around 50 percent.

In preventative measures, the ministry said it will be refusing access to “sensitive” departments of hospitals to unvaccinated visitors. An additional ban to bar unvaccinated people from schools is being considered as well.


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  1. The only way to eradicate a disease is when herd immunity is created. When someone suffers from an infectious disease their body will produce natural antibodies which give them lifetime immunity. This immunity can then be transferred to their children. Eventually the disease becomes eradicated.

    Vaccinations do not deliver lifetime immunity and cannot transfer immunity to children. That’s why we have booster shots. If an adult wanted to stay immune to these diseases, they would need to take a booster every 2-4 years! So we can never achieve herd immunity.

    In the 1950’s, deaths from measles were gone. measles was being eradicated naturally.

    The vaccine was introduced in the 1960s and was given credit for eradicating measles. In essence, the vaccine is bringing it all back because now we all have temporary immunity instead of lifetime immunity.

    Visit the website of Dr. Tom Cowan M.D. and read all about it.

    • Dear Dr Quack, you are a fascinating case: you possess a complete ignorance of the subject matter, at the same time a conviction of a cult member, combined with a used-car-salesman’s chutzpah. Pirkey Avos lists “al ma shelo shoma omer lo shomati” as one of devorim be’chochom, the opposite be’golem. Even then, you managed to embarrass all the golems of the world with your idiocy.

  2. Passing on immunity to one’s children? Are you for real? Why, then, small pox swept through Europe in every generation, not merely sickening, but surely killing the children of previous outbreaks’ survivors?

    Speaking of boosters, you are perfectly wrong, once again. Immunity is mediated by Memory Cells. Just like information stored on paper, which gets lost when the paper deteriorates, if the body doesn’t encounter the same pathogen in many years, the cell memory for that particular pathogen degrades, and a booster is required. Therefore, there are people who outlived a certain illness, and, if that disease hasn’t been around at all for few decades, they could contract the same virus again.

    Please give a valid example of a disease that was eradicated “naturally”, as in “on its own”, as per your preposterous claim. I am asking YOU – the sensationalist poster, and not Dr. Tom Cowan, who promotes ludicrous homeopathy, and whose website contains all about that.

  3. Measles Vaccines Kill More People than Measles, CDC Data Proves
    Comparative data provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reveal that nobody has died from measles in more than 10 years, while at least 108 deaths reported in VAERS during the same time frame have been linked to measles vaccines.

    Measles deaths were virtually nonexistent prior to introduction of vaccine, which is now triggering outbreaks

  4. in 1796, Edward Jenner developed the smallpox vaccine. He gave a few doses to his 8 year old child and his neighbor of similar age. Both of them died of Tuberculosis. One at age 20 and one at age 21.
    Since then the vaccine was linked with tuberculosis.

    In 1853- smallpox vaccines were made mandatory in Leicester England.

    By 1857- there were fines and imprisonment. meanwhile massive outbreaks of smallpox was occurring despite mandatory vaccinations.

    by 1859- death rates from smallpox went up to 14,000 cases

    between 1863-1865- 20,000 deaths from smallpox

    1870-1872- 45,000 deaths from smallpox

    The doctors realized mandatory vaccinations are making it worse and they decided to quarantine patients and isolate patients and have someone who is already immune tend to the person.
    The deaths from smallpox immediately dropped.

    In Massachusetts, 1n 1855- 4 smallpox vaccination laws were introduced and immediately epidemics broke out.
    Same thing happened in Japan, Austria, Scottland, Ireland…
    Eventually smallpox died out naturally and the vaccine was given credit for it.

  5. Why are you giving a forum to these quacks?They don’t want to vaccinate than keep your children at home don’t send them to school or camps.

  6. Polio too eradicated itself, right Dr. Quack aka Tom Cowan?
    If it weren’t for the Polio vaccine, there would still be kids and adults dying. As it stands, those who had Polio once (either because they were born before vaccine, or never vaccinated!), are still at risk for secondary Polio… very debilitating. Read up on it, Dr. Quack!

  7. Flat Earthers, anti-vaxers, 9/11 conspiracists, Elvis sighters, Lev Tahor members…..
    Ah, look at all the looney people….
    Where DO they come from, all the looney people?


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