Israel, Ukraine, Preparing For Rosh Hashanah Visitors to Uman


In preparation for the tens of thousands of Jewish visitors who will be heading to Uman, Ukraine, for Rosh Hashanah, an Israeli delegation of representatives from emergency services met with representatives of the Ukrainian government.

High ranking Ukrainian officials from the police and emergency medical services, as well regional and local government officials, took part in the meeting, which aimed to create a plan of action enabling a smoother, safer Rosh Hashanah for the tens of thousands of Jewish worshipers head to the city of Uman, to the kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Included in the delegation were representatives from Israeli Police, Israel’s National Security Council, United Hatzalah Vice President of Operations Dov Maisel, United Hatzalah’s Ukraine Region Rabbi Hillel Cohen, the Foreign and Interior ministries, and businessman Levy Edri. Participants spoke about the challenges that the local authorities will face, as well as how each organization could assist in meeting those challenges.

According to the United Hatzolah Vice President, the organization will be taking over the operation of the local medical clinic in Uman and will be in charge of providing all of the staff and funding for its operation over the entire holiday.

“We will be upgrading the facilities from previous years and investing heavily in creating a higher level of medical service, staffed by EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors both local and international in order to provide the best coverage possible.”

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  1. The atmosphere in Uman over Rosh Hashana is like after Moshiach had come… the feelity of unity and common purpose of thousands and thousands of every single kind of Jew simply cannot be experienced anywhere else in the Jewish world. There is nothing like it, nor has there been anything like it since aliyah l’regel. In Breslov they say that everywhere in the world, Jews are being mamlich Hashem, but the crowning ceremony is in Uman, and, having been there, I can honestly say that you feel that with your entitre being. The intesnity of the davening, 6,000 Jews together in one giant bulding, the “kloyz”, the power of the “Tikkun Haklalli Olami”, where on erev Rosh Hashana every single Jew there comes out to the streets of Uman and participates in reciting the Ten Psalms in unison is of another world entirely. In one dalet amos, you can have an ashkenazi, a sefardi, a Brisker, a teimani, a chiloni, a chabadsker, and a satmar chassid, all screaming “Hashem Hu HaElokim” with tears streaming down their faces… I can’t explain it or put my finger on the nekudah, but it is clear to me that the yearly piligramage to spend the beginning of the year with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, the rebbe of new beginnings, has a major part in the Geulah process. It is HIGHLY, HIGHLY encouraged. There is nothing like it! “Harosh Hachana sheli oleh al hakol!”

  2. Please provide the name(s) of at least 1 well-known and well-regarded contemporary Rosh Yeshiva / Rosh Kollel / Rebbe who endorses this travel to Uman. Thank you.

  3. Rav Yaakov Meir Shechter, Rav Shmuel Moshe Kramer, Rabbi Ovadya Yosef. Every year, when Rav Shmuel Shapira, one of the leaders of the Breslover chassidim in the previous generation would leave his house in meah shearim to depart for uman, Rav Elyashiv, his close friend and next door neighbor, would accompany him to the car. And why do I need a contemporary Rebbe’s haskama on something that Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, one of the very greatest and holiest chassidic masters, said? I trust him implicitly! My eggs are in his basket.


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