Israel Tried To Wiretap Hamas In Botched Mission, Group Says


Gaza’s ruling Hamas said Saturday that Israeli undercover forces had attempted to install equipment to monitor the Islamic militant group’s landline communications network during a botched mission in November.

The findings of a lengthy investigation were announced by the Hamas military wing, known as the Qassam Brigades, in a pre-recorded TV statement.

Hamas thwarted an attempt to “plant spying devices in the Gaza Strip,” a Qassam spokesman, identified only as Abu Obeida, said in the statement.


Read more at ABC News.



  1. Have you ever heard the magic trick watch my left hand not my right hand. I would bet as they are trying to fight off Israel on one side the wiretap is already installed. Israel has miracle workers with electronics and communication, I doubt if they have their mind set on a connection it is already connected with the other side blind to what happened.


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