Israel To Create Kosher Supervision Authority


kashrusIsrael’s Religious Services Ministry intends to create a kosher observance authority to put an end to the practice of business and restaurant owners having to pay individual kosher inspectors directly.

According to the plan, expected to be presented for government approval in the coming weeks, business and restaurant owners seeking kosher certification will pay a fee to the government, which will supervise and pay the inspectors. The authority will function under Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, which answers to the Religious Services Ministry.

The purpose of the plan, initiated by Deputy Religious Services Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, is to fight the phenomenon of underhanded deals between inspectors and business owners, and to ensure that state employees work independently of vested interests.


{ Israel}


  1. The positive outcome is that a mashgiach will not be afraid of losing his job if he finds something wrong
    The negative. Going to pay taxes


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