Israel Terror Roundup, Monday Evening: Stabbings, Firebombs and More


CRIpZCsUkAAj6KfIsraeli education minister reports almost all school trips to Yerushalayim have been canceled following massive terror wave.

Here’s the terror activity from Monday evening:

  • 3 lightly injured at entrance of Yerushalayim after Arab terrorist attempted to grab weapon of IDF soldier. Terrorist shot dead.
  • Weapons discovered by IDF recently in mostly demolished terror tunnel said to be from Operation Protective Edge.
  • Emergency forces on scene report stabbing attack on Adani Street in Yerushalayim. Criminal related. Police on scene.
  • Israeli car hit by fire-bomb thrown by Arab terrorist in Shomron; no injuries reported. Police searching the area.
  • Arab terrorist caught on camera exiting his home today equipped with 3 firebombs in Chawara area ready to attack Israelis.
  • Israeli man injured after being attacked and stoned by Arab terrorists near Oranit in Shomron area.
  • At least 6 Arabs wounded by IDF fire during clashes at the Israel-Gaza border after infiltrating into southern Israel.
  • Arab terrorist teens who went on stabbing spree in Pisgat Ze’ev today are aged 15 & 13, from Beit Hanina area in East Jerusalem.
  • Up to 40 Arabs infiltrated into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip.
  • Arab terrorist shot and wounded by IDF after throwing fire-bomb being treated by Israeli medics.
  • Arab terrorist throwing a fire-bomb near Kever Rochel shot and seriously wounded by Israeli forces.
  • Serious clashes break out between Arabs and Israeli forces in Bais Lechem.
  • Taxi driver claims Arab terrorist attempted to stab him in Tel Aviv. Police investigating.
  • 13 year old in critical condition after being stabbed while driving his bicycle in Pisgat Zev. Stabbing reportedly criminal related.

The public asked to daven for Neor Ben Ruth, a 13 year old boy in critical condition after being stabbed by Arab terrorist in Yerushalayim.

{ Israel}



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