NON-STOP TERROR: Israel Terror Briefs: Live Updates


terror attack

12:01 a.m.: Massive explosion blasted in the Gaza Strip, injuries reported, details unknown as of now.

10:53 p.m.: NON-STOP TERROR: 17 y/o injured after being stoned by Arabs in Kiryat Arba, Bus #361 now attacked and stoned near Karmiel, units responding.

10:49 p.m.: Emergency forces responding following reports of rock throwing attack on Highway 443; injuries reported.

10:41 p.m.: TEL AVIV – TERROR: At least 3 firebombs thrown by Arabs towards Israeli forces in Yaffo, no injuries, 2 suspects under arrest.

10:27 p.m.: TERROR CONTINUES: Israeli man injured after being stoned and fire-bombed while driving near Yerushalayim.

10:18 p.m.: Shots fired by Arab terrorist towards Israeli car in Binyamin region, no injuries reported, Police and IDF searching for suspects

10:06 p.m.: Knife wielding Arab terrorist (16) caught and arrested by Israeli forces in Mevaseret Zion.

9:56 p.m.: Stabbing attack in Nahriya reportedly criminal related, Police on scene.

9:48 p.m.: DEVELOPING: Reports of another stabbing attack now in Nahriya, emergency forces rushing.

9:40 p.m.: At least 1 injured after bus was attacked and stoned by Arabs near Kikar Adam.

9:30 p.m.: Netanyahu: We wish to work together with the Palestinian Authority to deescalate the situation.

9:18 p.m.: Serious clashes continue right now between Arabs and Israeli forces in East Jerusalem.

9:10 p.m.: IDF chief of staff: We know how to differentiate terrorists from civilian population & we are currently operating in a very precise manner.

8:58 p.m.: Security minister Erdan: “No terrorist is immune, at any time or any place.”

“We will accelerate house demolitions of anyone who commits an act of terror.”

8:49 p.m.: Defense Minister Yaalon: “We will strike terrorist infrastructure of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, to stop attacks before they happen.”

IDF’s hands are not tied when it comes to terror.”

Public figures must stop inflammatory statements that can encourage violent forces to take the law into their hands.”

8:33 p.m.: Netanyahu: “We will take steps offensive steps against the Islamic movement

We will prove for all that terrorism doesn’t pay, and we will defeat it.”

8:20 p.m.: Netanyahu: “We are in the midst of a wave of terror, the attacks are not coordinated but all are influenced by PA incitement”.

7:50 p.m.: Following latest wave of terror attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the nation momentarily.

6:57 p.m.: UPDATE: United Hatzalah volunteers on scene reporting stabbing attack criminal related.

6:50 p.m.: Reports of another stabbing attack in Ezras Torah neighborhood in Yerushalayim. Hatzalah and emergency forces rushing.

6:44 p.m.: Arab terrorist opens fire towards Israeli military jeep in Shomron, no injuries reported, Police and IDF searching for suspects.

6:33 p.m.: ASHKELON: Police arrest 2 suspicious Arabs and minutes later discover knife being carried with them.

6:14 p.m.: Reports of another stabbing attack in Afula, injuries reported, emergency forces rushing.

The Afula terrorist.
The Afula terrorist.

6:04 p.m.: Serious clashes continue in Shuafat area in Jerusalem between Arabs & IDF, multiple injured, 1 Arab terrorist dead.

6:01 p.m.: At least 9 Police officers injured by Arabs during raid of Arab terrorist home of today’s Yerushalayim stabbing terror attack.

5:55 p.m.: Knife wielding Arab terrorist arrested near the central bus station in Yerushalayim moments ago, emergency forces on scene.

5:40 p.m.: Arab terrorist shot dead by Israeli forces moments ago in Shuafat neighborhood in Yerushalayim during clashes with IDF.

4:15 p.m.: Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yaalon and internal security minister Erdan to hold a press conference 8:30 p.m. tonight.

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