Israel Summons Hungarian Ambassador Over Growing Anti-Semitism


andor-nagy-hungaryThe Israeli Foreign Ministry summoned Hungary’s newly appointed ambassador to the Jewish state, Andor Nagy, to express “deep concern” over rising anti-Semitism in his country.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Rafi Schutz, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s director-general for Europe, expressed concern to Nagy about recent anti-Semitic statements by government officials and a growing trend to rewrite history concerning Hungary’s role in the Holocaust and its anti-Semitic WII leader Miklos Horthy.

Last November, despite protests from Jewish leaders, a statue of Horthy was erected by members of the far-right Jobbik party in Budapest. Horthy, a close ally of Hitler, played a direct role in the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

Meanwhile, another massive memorial is planned in Hungary commemorating the 1944 invasion of Hungary by Nazi Germany. The memorial plans to depict the Hungarian government as victims rather than active partners of the Nazis.


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