Israel Stands Still: Photos


israel-stands-stillIsraelis from the Golan to Eilat stood still for one minute this morning in memory of the Holocaust martyrs.

Click here for photos.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. and i kept my mouth shut when sleeping WHAT does standing still have to do with the people who were killed????????????????????

  2. Nothing. Or as they say in Israel, “klum”. But since it’s become a secular Israeli “minhag”, and it’s held in reverence by much of the country, many Rabbanim will advise that when in public, we should make a Kiddush Hashem and “just do it!”. Or make sure to be indoors when the siren goes. At home, i don’t stand still, but if I’m in public I definitely do.

    Besides, even if something is technically meaningless (to you, at least), if it connects others to their history, their ancestors, and maybe a wee bit of what their ancestors stood for, rather expend your energies during that minute to daven that it awake the hearts of Am Yisroel’s “lost children” to their ancestors and Father above, instead of boo’ing and further distancing them. Just a thought!

  3. For every victim that was murdered in the holocaust, build a building. We need 6 million new homes and buildings in Israel.

  4. this post was written to pacify the secular that a frum man also stands “dom”, (which means a moment of silence.) like most things established by the state of israel, it is against halacha. they made a day of mourning in the month of nissan which has no tachnun because it is not supossed to be aveilus. and then they made yom hoatzmaut in iyar which is supposed to be a sad time. this is besides for the opposition by the gedolim of that time including the chazon ish, that no special day should be established for the holocust.

  5. You shuld all be eshamed at yurself. You hold yurself out like holy menschen and cant respect the way other yidden reflect upon the Holocaust . Yet you blog on sites like these and surf the veb.

  6. Standing is a way of showing respect as you do when an elder enters the room. When standing silently it is a time to daven, be intropective and talk to hashem.

  7. Mashiach will come when Am Yisrael accomplishes achdus, ahavas achim, and appreciation for one another. As long as certain groups show lack of appreciation for all the good Medinas Yisrael gives them, they are showing that they lack an understanding of history, the Holocaust, and the great blessings which Hashem has given them with the rebirth of a Jewish state where they can build homes, yeshivas and daven at the Kotel and mekomos kedoshim. Instead of being holier than thou, it’s time to show humility and say thank you to the Jews who may be different, but who do such tremendous good for you!


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