Israel Slams Worthless UN Over Its Silence On Rocket Fire


israeli-ambassador-to-the-un-ron-prosorIsrael’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor sent a stern letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressing outrage over the UN’s failure to condemn the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

In the brief letter, Prosor wrote: “Since I last wrote to you ten days ago, ten more rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli communities.

“Ten days. Ten rockets. Not one word of condemnation from the Security Council.

He concluded by saying, “It is time for the Council to speak with one voice and act with one purpose against the terrorists that operate with impunity in the Gaza Strip. ”

The UN has long been silent on the issue of Gaza rocket fire aimed at Israel. Messages on the matter are only ever issued during major rounds of conflicts between the IDF and Gaza terrorist groups.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}



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