Israel Seeking Clarifications from Trump Administration on Status of 140,000 Israeli Citizens Born in Travel-Ban Countries


Israel is seeking clarifications from the Trump administration regarding the status of its citizens who were born in the countries covered by the travel ban executive order issued on Friday that has sparked global controversy, the Hebrew news site NRG reports.

According to the report, Israeli entreaties to the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and the government in Washington, DC on the matter have gone unanswered thus far.

Around 140,000 Israelis were born in one of the seven Muslim-majority countries subject to the three-month travel restrictions put in place by the executive order — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Most are older Jews who made aliyah in their youth or young adulthood, due to persecution they faced in their home countries following Israel’s establishment.

Some 53,000 living Israeli Jews were born in Iraq and 45,000 were born in Iran, data published by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics shows. Syria, Yemen and Libya also used to host large Jewish communities.

Israeli passports include place of birth, and it is unknown how the executive order applies either to people who were born in the banned countries but are no longer citizens — or to those who are dual citizens.

According to media reports, some immigration attorneys are advising Israelis in these situations to avoid travel to the US for now.

Meir Javedanfar — an Iranian-born Israeli who teaches at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya — tweeted on Sunday, “Uncertainty & sheer confusion which the new Trump immigration law has created is sign of incompetence + lack of plan. US caught unprepared.”

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  1. According to the state department all israli will have to return to israel. Later they will be vetted one at a time. Americo is no place for these people.

  2. Change is always difficult:
    In order that the US should be able
    to change the current “Open to ALL”
    policy, they must make some drastic
    and often painful changes.
    It is NOT that the policy is confusing,
    it simply is required to be implemented
    AT ONCE, in order that there is no quick
    run to our borders:
    The US will need to hire several hundred
    possibly thousands of people trained
    in interviewing, questioning, and being able
    to “read their facial expressions”.
    Our returning veterans would be Perfect
    for these positions.
    Once the system is set up and running
    smoothly, we can once again open our
    However it must be understood that
    while we are a country is made up of
    immigrants, our country is not a free
    for all.
    We must respect this wonderful country
    and not allow in those that do not want
    to recognize ALL the freedoms that our
    country stands for.


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