Israel Rushes Emergency Aid To Guatemala After Volcano Eruption Kills


Israel said Monday that it would send emergency aid funding to Guatemala after the country’s Fuego volcano erupted killing at least 25 people. The Foreign Ministry said that it would immediately send $10,000 to assist in the purchase of medicine, food, and blankets for those affected by the disaster.

Guatemala was one of the few countries to side with the United States after President Donald Trump’s December recognition of Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital, breaking with decades of US diplomacy and international consensus. On May 16, Guatemala opened its new embassy in Yerushalayim, just two days after the US.

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  1. “Israel Rushes Emergency Aid To Guatemala…”
    Good for them. Israel has a long track record of sending supplies and personnel to assist other countries where disasters have struck, and in the case of Guatemala there’s an element of hakoras hatov (gratitude) for Guatemala’s diplomatic support for Israel, too.

  2. While the poor in Israel are neglected and Chareidim and Misnachlim (Settlers) whacked, aid to foreign countries is vital. As if the anti-Semitic world out there would have more respect or love Israel more for this.

  3. $10grand, really?! Isn’t it an insult for a country be on the receiving end of such a donation from another country?!


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