Israel Rules Out Ground Assault in Response to Missile Attacks


idfIsrael has ruled out a ground assault to stop terrorist missile attacks, which continued Sunday morning despite Hamas’s proposal for a ceasefire. One million Israelis in southern Israel have been ordered to stay in rocket-proof rooms.

Hamas called for a ceasefire but attacked Israel with at least three more rockets and missiles early Sunday morning. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted two rockets aimed at the port city of Ashkelon, home to key oil and gas pipelines and a huge electricity generation station.A third rocket exploded n an open area in the western Negev.

Hamas has broken dozens of ceasefires since it officially took control of Gaza after a bloody military coup nearly five years that ousted the rival Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Senior military commanders have repeatedly said it is only a matter of time before the IDF sends ground troops into Gaza, where Hamas and other terrorist groups have stockpiled thousands of tons of explosives and advanced weapons, including medium-range rockets and anti-aircraft missiles.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman sidestepped questions concerning if and when Israel will send ground troops into Gaza, referring a Voice of Israel government radio interviewer to the Defense Minister. Likud Km Gilad Erdan also said he is against a ground incursion for the time being.

Foreign Minister Lieberman emphasized that the coalition agreement calls for toppling the Hamas terrorist organization.

Read more at Israel National News.

{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


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