Israel Rules Not to Recognize Ugandan Jewish Community


After years of deliberations, the Israeli Interior Ministry has resolved not to grant recognition to the Jewish community of Uganda, Haaretz has learned.

Its decision was revealed in a response to the first and only request thus far by a member of the 2,000-strong Ugandan Abayudaya community, who sought to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return.

The response, obtained by Haaretz, notes that the applicant’s “conversion is not recognized for the purpose of receiving status in Israel” and that, therefore, he must leave the country by June 14 or risk deportation.


Read more at Ha’Aretz.



  1. I couldn’t see the entire Haaretz piece as I am not a subscriber to that leftist publication.

    People should know, however, that the people in question were mostly ‘converted’ by non-Orthodox ministers of the Conservative sect of the USA (with exception of a very small amount by liberal Orthodox Rabbi Shlomo Riskin).

    Naturally, Haaretz wants to make it into a racial issue, but that it a political distortion as it is a religious issue. If a white person was converted by the Conservative sect they would also have such problems.

  2. The Abayudaya are descended from a non Jewish man who rejected Xtianity. They identify as Jewish and practice Judaism (Shabbos, kashrus, bris mila) as best they can according to the knowledge they have. Most of them were “converted” by non Orthodox clergy. If the person in question would undergo a halachic conversion through a reliable, recognized bais din he would be accepted as a Jew without hesitation.

  3. Witchcraft judaism wants to convert anyone by anything but halacha.

    Murder crime high. We do not tolerate.


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