Israel Revokes Residency Status of Yerushalayim Terrorist’s Family


Israeli Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri has decided to revoke the permanent resident status and corresponding social benefits for 13 members of Yerushalayim terrorist Fadi Al-Qunbar’s family, following consultations with the Israel Security Agency and the Immigration Authority, Ynet reports. Four IDF officers were murdered in the terrorist attack on Sunday.

Such a measure has previously never been implemented and prevents the family from appealing to the High Court of Justice, as they are not Israeli citizens. Deri decided on the measure after discussions with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, who supported the move.

The decision is viewed as a means of deterrence against future attackers. In the future, in cases of terrorism involving permanent residents of Jerusalem who are not citizens of Israel, all family members – including cousins, nephews, aunts and uncles – will lose their permanent residency status immediately.

“This is a decision that signals a new era against terrorism and terrorists who use their status [as permanent residents of Jerusalem] to carry out attacks against citizens,” Deri said. “Let this be known to all who are plotting, planning or considering carrying out an attack, that their families will pay a heavy price for their actions.”


  1. Now, to which Arab country is the dump truck going to cart away this garbage?
    Besides Gaza, do you really think anyone would want them? Merkel perhaps?

  2. It’s not fair this is collective punishment just because they all celebrate when the relative commit murder isn’t a reason to punish them

    • I think you will feel differently if a member of your family was murdered by a terrorist. Under normal circumstances families of a murderer wouldn’t be punished as most times they repudiate the criminal act of their relative. But in the case in Israel they glorify it so they too are responsible for the crime.


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