Israel Removes All Security From Har Habayis


Overnight, Israeli authorities at Har Habayis have removed all vestiges of security features added in recent weeks, including the face recognition technology which was being set up.

The Grand Mufti welcomed the decision, calling for all Palestinians to return to pray as the normally did now that the status quo has been restored.

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. Sometimes it pays to be smart then to win. With the situation the way it was Israel may have been right, We may be giving in to terror, but it was in a lose only situation for Israel.

  2. President Trump, the Israelis would very much appreciate if you can please go to Israel asap and teach Prime Minister Netanyhau the ropes. Thank you.

  3. Once again the zionists show their true strength………….Cluck cluck cluck cluck……..wounded chickens……

  4. he had no choice. he should leave it without security altogether, and let them fight amongst themselves. when they are not fighting us, they attack themselves. they are “pera adam”

  5. Bibi talked about how David HaMelech bought the Har Habayis – so it’s ours.
    Problem: Either the ENTIRE Tanach or shut up, don’t make a fool of yourself. 613, not one or two that you use for political clout.

  6. One can’t help but wonder if this the judenrat’s treasonous strategy: pretend to be a hawk, take one step forward, immediately give in to pressure, take two steps back. Basically, the Erev Rav can fulfill their dream of Jews being thrown into the sea, chas vechalila, while looking like they tried to stop it.


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