Israel Prepares to Release 26 Palestinian Terrorists


palestinian-terrorist-prisonersTerrorists. Murderers. Men with blood on their hands. All going free. Makes your stomach turn, doesn’t it?

In compliance with the U.S.-mediated agreement to resurrect Mideast peace negotiations, today Israel agreed to release 26 Palestinian terrorist prisoners. They have all served at least 19 years, and their names will only be released 48 hours before they’re let go, giving Israeli families an opportunity to appeal the release (though past precent makes success unlikely).

In the nine months of talks, 104 Palestinian prisoners will be released in total.

At the same time, Israel announced plans for a new West Bank settlement in an attempt by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to appease those unhappy with the prisoners deal.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. 26 brutal murderers will be released for zero in return!
    And the Israelis call us ‘faartaamteh Americans.”

  2. How can we stop this!!!!!
    We would never allow something like this in America!!! where is public outcry????? we should be more ashamed about the lack of public outcry than the behavior of Israeli government regarding this matter.


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