Israel Police Dismantle Mourning Tent Erected by East Jerusalem Family of Truck-Ramming Terrorist


By BB Portnoy

Israeli police have dismantled a mourning tent set up by the family of the terrorist from east Jerusalem who killed four IDF soldiers in a truck-ramming attack on Sunday.

The terrorist — 28-year-old Fadi al-Qanbar — was a married father-of-four with no record of security offenses. Early Sunday afternoon, the Jabel Mukaber resident took the truck he drove for a living and deliberately plowed into a gathering of officers’ course cadets on an educational tour at the Armon Hanatziv promenade. Al-Qanbar was shot dead at the scene.

Police have swept into Jabel Mukaber and detained nine people — five of whom were relatives of Al-Qanbar — for suspected involvement in the attack.

Palestinians took to the the streets and social media to celebrate the attack. In the Gaza Strip on Sunday, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups praised Al-Qanbar’s action and organized parades to mark the occasion.

On Monday, concrete barriers were installed at the Armon Hanatziv promenade — a prominent tourist destination offering a panoramic vista of Israel’s capital city — to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said that “all signs” indicated that Al-Qanbar was an ISIS supporter.

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