Israel: Police Cracking Down On Airport Runs As The Zman Begins


From today until Thursday there is a joint operation between the Income Tax Authority and the Israel Police to crack down on those who make money giving rides to and from Ben Gurion airport.

According to reports, passengers seen leaving vehicles without taxi licenses will be asked to if they paid money for the ride. A second officer will approach the drivers to confirm that no money was received. If the two stories don’t match up the driver can face a fine for running a taxi service without a license.

The crackdown comes after taxi drivers in Israel complained of loss of revenue from such services.

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. If you know how much the official airport taxis charge you, you would understand why there is a need for these private services. Yes, it causes the airport drivers a loss of revenue – a loss of gross overcharges. If they would bring down their prices to normal rates, there wouldn’t be a need for private services.


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