Israel: Plenty of Apples, But Honey Weak as Rosh Hashanah Approaches


apple-in-honeyIt was a very good year for Israel’s apple growers. This year, there are more and better quality apples on trees in the Galilee and Golan this year than last, said Amos Levin of the Galilee Development Corporation. Some 15,000 tons of apples will be sold during the Rosh Hashanah season, he said, part of the 100,000 tons sold in Israel throughout the year.

With apples you need honey, but Israel’s honey business did not fare as well as its apple business this year. With sparse rainfall at the end of the winter (between February and April) and fewer wildflowers growing as a result, fewer bees were hatched this year – meaning that less honey was produced. Honey yields are down about 6% this year, with local honey production reaching just 3,000 tons this year, instead of the 3,200 tons that were produced last year. Read more at Arutz Sheva,

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  1. This past week Time magazine had a very informative article about the decline of bees, and how this affects the ecosystem. Bees pollinate most of our produce. Without them many crops will suffer, not just honey.
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  2. Well…with 15,000 tons of apples available in EY this year,i would have thought that one ton of the sweet stuff for every five tons of apples should still suffice…but then again what do I understand about the appetites of our Israeli briderlach…may we BE’EZRAS HASHEM still enjoy a sweet year.


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