Israel Plane Fires Warning To Deter Gaza Balloon, Kite Attacks


IDF spokesperson reported that a UAV fired a warning shot towards a terrorist cell preparing explosive balloons in the Gaza Strip.

Fires caused balloon-kite attacks have resulted in road closures near Gaza border.

Five fires have been reported in and around Kibbutz Nir Am and kibbutz Be’eri during Shabbos as the floating of burning terror kites into Israel from the Gaza Strip continues.

Further fires were reported along Highway 34, which runs close to the northeast corner of the Gaza Strip, and near Nachal Asaf and HaBesor Stream in the same area.

The highway was blocked for traffic between Yad Mordechai Junction and Sderot Western Entrance, Israel Police spokesperson reported.

Police officers were manning the roadblocks and arson terror is suspected.

In addition two fires were reported, in Nachal Asaf in the western Negev and HaBesor Stream in the Northern Negev.

The fires are a continuation of weeks of kite arson coming from Gaza. The IDF has begun operating drones to combat the attacks and protect the farm lands and residents of the south.

By Shaya K – Israel


    • It’s not water cannons they spray at chareidi protests but excrement of animals. Seriously! Entire cities stink from it for a while, let alone the clothing and shoes from those who are lucky to be sprayed on.
      But the Zionist cowards wouldn’t dare use manure and not even blue water cannons. Too scared of the UN & EU.

  1. When will the Israelis learn that warning shots are useless against these animals? The only thing they understand – and barely – is shoot to kill.

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