Israel Outlaws Islamic Groups Who Abuse Visitors on Har Habayis


HAR HABAYIS YERUSHALAYIMIsraeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Wednesday outlawed two Islamic Movement organizations operating on the Har Habayis in Yerushalayim.

“The activity of the Morabiton and Morabitat groups constitutes a central cause of tension and violence on the Temple Mount, in particular, and Jerusalem, in general,” Ya’alon’s office announced.

“Their activity is inflammatory and endangers tourists, visitors and worshippers at the site, leading to violence that could harm human life. The goal of Morabiton and Morabitat is to undermine Israeli authority on the Temple Mount, alter reality and existing arrangements and restrict freedom of worship, and it is tied to the activity of hostile Islamist organizations and even directed by them.”

The northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel founded the two organizations to harass Jews visiting the Har Habayis and operates a daily shuttle service for a few dozen men and women. When Jews enter the Har Habayis , they draw close, shouting and cursing at them. The paid activists earned 3,000-4,000 shekels ($771-$1,028) per month, with some of the funds coming from the Gulf States.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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