Israel Offers To Help Treat Injured In Syrian Uprising


avigdor-liebermanIsrael’s foreign minister says the country is ready to help treat Syrians injured in the uprising against President Bashar Assad.

A Friday statement from Avigdor Lieberman’s office quotes him as saying that Israel is willing to provide wounded Syrians “all humanitarian aid at any minute it is requested.”

Lieberman’s spokesman Tzachi Moshe says Israel would provide the aid through the United Nations or other international organizations. The aid would be purely humanitarian, and Israel would not get involved in Syria’s affairs.

Israel and Syria are enemy states that have fought several wars.

Assad’s security forces have killed thousands in an attempt to suppress the year-long uprising.

Lieberman spoke Friday while on an official visit to Bulgaria.

{The Washington Post/ Newscenter}


  1. Typical. Welcome and care for the enemy but beat and maim your Chareidi brother. As Chazal say, “One who has pity on the cruel ones (in the case of King Shaul pitying the remnants of Amalek and letting them live) will ultimately be cruel to the kind people (as the same Shaul eventually wiped out Nov the city of Cohanim)”.

    Once again the wisom of our sages is apparent.

  2. Which other Country is so crazy? To help your enemies while they are down is the ultimate good that one can do.
    I just wonder if this would be Daas Torah as well.

  3. Agree with #1 & #2.

    You see it here in Israel in the hospitals. The Arab patients are hostile, even though they are receiving fine & equal medical treatment. I was in a hospital that had received most of the wounded the day of a terror attack, and there was this Muslim-Arab lady watching the aftermath on TV, leaning forward eagerly with a look of wild joy on her face while sitting with us all waiting to receive treatment from the same people she so obviously wants blown to bits.


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