Israel Offered Medical Aid to Gazans, But the PA Refused to Accept It


shejaiya-district-of-gaza-cityIsrael’s Health Ministry offered humanitarian aid worth millions of shekels to Gaza, but the Palestinian Authority has refused to accept it. The aid includes medicine, and chemotherapy and medical equipment that is ready to be transferred to the PA.

Israel’s Magen David Adom said it offered to send blood donations to Gaza in order to help wounded Palestinians, but the PA refused to accept that offer as well.

Health Minister Yael German told Ynet: “We offered full medical treatment to Gaza citizens in any of our hospitals and will continue to offer that.”

“The State of Israel has no desire to hurt the people of Gaza. We didn’t go to war to kill, but rather to defend the people of Israel, and will continue offering full humanitarian aid to the Palestinians for as long as we can.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. it’s no different from destroying the greenhouses that Israel left in gaza. they do not want a country. they do not want healthy civilians (well, we know that; they are trying to get Israel to kill them all. so it would be hypocritical for them to accept medical assistance. that would go against everything they stand for


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