Israel: None of Alleged Gaza Collaborators Were Israeli Agents


hamas-executesNone of the Palestinians executed in Gaza on charges of collaboration during the Gaza war were Israeli assets, an Israeli intelligence officer said. The Israel Security Agency confirmed that those executed had all been held in prison in Gaza and that none would have had any information that might have played a role in Israel’s locating rocket launch sites or conducting targeted killings.

The agency said that none of the Hamas military leaders attacked during the final stage of the war were targeted on the basis of human intelligence.

Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi, a former security chief in the West Bank, said Wednesday that “some of those who were executed were former officers with the PA’s security apparatus.”

The intelligence source said that rivals are often killed and family feuds settled under the guise of purging society of Israeli spies.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Their innocence doesn’t matter to the Arabs. They wanted to purge their frustration in blood, and they did. Maybe, maybe, the immediate family cared, but no doubt even they celebrated to prove their loyalty. We’re not talking about people for whom life is precious. For them, life is just a commodity, and since there are so many living people, it’s not a particularly valuable one.

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