Israel Meets Fire With Fire: One Dead, Three Injured in Gaza After Israel Shoots Missiles At Kite Launchers


One terrorist was killed and three more injured Thursday afternoon, after an Israeli aircraft opened fire on a terror cell which was preparing airborne incendiary balloons for launch against Israeli targets.

According to Gaza officials, one terrorist was killed in the southern Gaza Strip, near Rafah by the border with Sinai, after an Israeli unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at a group of terrorists who were preparing balloons attached to incendiary devices.

Three other members of the terror cell were injured.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Why is Israel allowed to get away with wonton murder of innocent Palestinians? Balloons can’t harm anyone. I call on the UN to condemn the rogue State of Israel in the strongest terms.

  2. You would think by now with all the inventions in chemistry and agriculture they can spray something on the ground to make it a no go zone or the chemical would stick on a person or get the person sick instead of playing these ridiculous games that no one wins. something that does no penetrate ground but stays on top so it can eventually be cleaned.

  3. about time! not enough but hopefully the response will get stronger and harsher. … There chayos don’t understand any other language…

    • Don’t hold your breath. The self-appointed pro-Arab supreme court judges will not allow Israel to fire more than “necessary”. The soldier who killed the terrorist will now be apprehended and sentenced to jail.


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