Israel Launches More Air Strikes Against Incendiary-Balloon Launchers in Gaza


The Israeli military on Sunday continued its effort to thwart ongoing cross-border kite bomb and incendiary balloon attacks being conducted by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Twice on Sunday, an IDF aircraft fired shots towards Palestinians who were launching balloons near the border between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Air strikes were also carried out against an infrastructure site and a vehicle linked to the hostile balloon activity.

On Shabbos, at least 20 fires were set off in southern Israel by flammable objects sent across the border from Gaza, destroying over 240 acres of land.

In recent months, such objects have caused extensive damage to Israeli agricultural fields and forests.

On Friday, it was reported that the Israeli defense industry had adapted a new rifle sighting system to intercept airborne threats, including kite bombs and incendiary balloons.

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  1. So how many of these vermin were killed? None? Typical Israeli politics.

    This won’t stop until you shoot the balloonists, not the balloons.

  2. I have to commend the IDF for their precision bombing. To my knowledge, not one terrorist has been killed. I guess every life is precious!!!

    • As long as no family member of ministers in the gov’t are killed, Israel aim is to bust those deadly balloons and catch kites not to kill terrorists. Otherwise Israel will be blamed that their response is not proportional.

  3. ..but please IDF, GG forbid to harm any trhose children , teenagers who want to blow us to pieces. Be very careful ,IDF, do not harm them. also so they can grow up and relly slaughter us

  4. Arutz Sheva
    Red Cross: IDF fire causing ‘unprecedented crisis’
    Head of Red Cross Middle East division says treatment of those hurt in riots at Gaza border a ‘crisis of unprecedented magnitude.’

  5. Bursting those kites is extremely harmful to the environment. It’s carbon footprint is way to big for the earth to handle. I call upon the UN to condemn Israel in the strongest terms.


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