Israel Is 75% Jewish


According to figures publicized by Israel’s Bureau of Statistics, Israel is blessed with 6,523,000 Jews, comprising 74.6% of the country’s 8,743,000 residents. Israel’s Arabs number 1,824,000 and make up 20.9% of the population and people of other categories number 369,000.

181,405 babies were born in Israel over the past years, 43,000 people died, and 25,977 new immigrants arrived in the country, 67% of them from countries of the former Soviet Union.

Most of Israel is uninhabited and wild. Only 5.6% of its area is built up, while the rest is comprised of agricultural land, water, forests, national parks and open land.

The average Israeli household has 3.1 people and a monthly income of $4,380 after taxes. 67.6% of Israelis own their homes and 88% say they are very satisfied or satisfied with their lives.

Israel’s population is expected to reach ten million by 2014 and double that number by 2065.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “monthly income of $4,380 after taxes”
    What sort of $ are we talking about? That sounds awfully high given that poverty is quite extensive in Israel.


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