Israel Harnessing Sunshine with World’s Tallest Solar Tower


Israel’s fledgling solar industry is making a leap forward with a large-scale project boasting a 250-meter solar tower, the world’s tallest, reports  Isaac Scharf and Alon Bernstein for ABC News.

The Ashalim project in the Negev desert is made up of three plots, each with a different solar technology.

When completed by 2018, together the fields will generate enough energy for 130,000 households.

The amount of electricity will be comparable to large-scale solar fields in California and Chile.

Solar towers use a solar-thermal method: Thousands of mirrors focus the sun’s rays onto the tower, heating a boiler that creates steam to spin a turbine and generate electricity.
Encircling the Ashalim tower are 50,000 mirrors.

{ Israel}



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