Israel, Hamas Continue Fighting Hours After Ceasefire Announced


Only hours after Hamas announced late Saturday that it had agreed to an immediate ceasefire to end almost twenty-four hours of fighting, red alert missile sirens were reported in the Gaza border region again after mortar shells and rockets were fired towards Israel.

Overnight Saturday, IDF said it struck two positions in Gaza where the mortar shells were believed to have been fired from, raising the number of rockets and mortar shells fired towards Israel since mid-afternoon local time to 200.

Early Sunday morning, the Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted one of two rockets fired from Gaza. The fighting between Hamas and Israel throughout Saturday left two dead and injured over a dozen more in both Gaza and Israel. Read more at i24NEWS.



  1. Israel is one of the most naive gullible Nations in the world. Are they that desirous of the approval of the NY Times and the BBC??? Term limits must be installed in Israel and the dumb stupid leadership should be replaced immediately.

    • Israel is weak, weak, weak because their leaders (whoever it is, Bibi or anyone else officially elected as PM) are puppets of the self-appointed-for-life pro-Arab-radical-leftist Supreme Court judges running the country. AS LONGS AS THESE ANTI-ISRAEL JUDGES ARE NOT REMOVED, ISRAEL WILL REMAIN WEAK.

  2. Israel’s biggest enemy are religious Jews, esp. the “Settlers”. Chareidim are also bigger enemies than Hamas but the government’s revenge is taken out on the Settlers.

  3. Why not if they have the green light to continue? They know that Israel is weak and terrified of the UN, so they might as well continue.


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