Services to Yerushalayim’s Chareidi Neighborhood’s Halted Due to Barzilai Protests, Rumors of Curse Against Netanyahu False


protest-yerushalayim-ashkelon1Protestors gathered today in Kikar Shabbos, Yerushalayim, demonstrating against the relocation of kevorim in Ashkelon. In addition, a rally was held in Geulah against the removal of the kevorim at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. 

Sources have denied rumors of a curse having been placed on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Eyal Gabay for their decision to remove the graves.

The Yerushalayim Municipality announced today that it was halting its operations in several chareidi neighborhoods in the city following violence directed at municipal workers.

The municipality claimed that several employees were beaten during protests today Incidents today included the blocking of roads, torching of trash cans, and damaging sanitation vehicles.

The city has therefore instructed its employees to leave the neighborhoods and halt all activities until the violence stops and the threat on human life and property is lifted.

Mayor Nir Barkat said, “Yerushalayim municipal workers are making great efforts to provide services for the neighborhoods’ residents and help them, however the city will not hesitate to halt services in cases where the lives of employees are in danger. I expect charedi leadership to calm the community in order for us to restore municipal services back to routine operations.”

Municipality spokesperson Gidi Shmerling said, “This isn’t a punishment. Our aim is not to put our workers at risk.” He clarified that all the services would be halted until the riots end.

Yerushalayim Council Member Yossi Deitsch of Yahadut Hatorah slammed the municipality’s decision. “The fact that the police are engaging in such a wide-scale collective punishment is a disgrace, and this is the second time it happens,” he said. “It’s the police’s duty to deal with the phenomenon in a concrete manner rather than run away and shut down an entire area.

“I don’t think collective punishment is needed because of a few protestors burning dustbins in Mea Shearim,” he added. “I spoke to merchants today whose proceeds were close to nothing because no one can enter the neighborhood.

 “They are not evacuting the trash. Why should a store owner suffer? What does this have to do with the woman and her small child waiting at a bus stop? I have never heard about such a phenomenon in any normal country.”

Meanwhile, Israel Antiquities Authority employees dug out most of the kevorim in the Barzilai medical Center. No Jewish kevorim were found thus far. The workers are slated to complete the procedure during the night.

The archeologists in charge of the diggings claim that most of the graves that have been dug are pagan and not Jewish. This was established according to the burial method and makeup of the stones.

{Yair Israel/Ynet contributed to this report}


  1. I would like to have some time off my job also to go to protest.
    But my boss told me it is either work or protest.
    So I chose to work.
    After all, Parnossa is a mitzva too!

    I just feel for these guys who have no alternative but to go to protest.
    Wouldn’t that be great if they had learned a trade?

  2. Enough! I am fiercely against these protests EVEN when the government is doing something against Halacha, we are losing our image and Tzelem Elokim with these Hafgunes. History has always shown that these radicals are dangerous for everyone!
    It is now a culture of burning garbage and agressive behavior, this has not been our way, ever!

  3. What is that supposed to mean, most are pagen and not Jewish; so it’s not a l l are pagen and not Jewish. In other words some of the kvorim are Jewish.

  4. Public damages is a travesty for others. Think before you react and destroy property which is needed by your neighbors and friends.

  5. #8 – You are terribly wrong. We MUST listen to the Gedolim because they represent Daas Toira. If the Gedolim tells us to make a Chillul Hashem we must listen to them. If they say the MS lady is innocent, then she is, regardless what she herself says. Maybe she was tortured into admitting something she didn’t do. And if the Gedolim say this are Jewish graves, then they ARE. It could be they were pagans who became Jewish before they died. The Gedolim are our only true leaders.

  6. On what bases could we ask other governments to protect our kevurim in their countries while so called Jewish government doesn’t do it either to Jewish or pagan graves?
    That’s essence of Zionism, always demanding from others but without moral restrains from within.
    And those millions of money in damages? Who says so? The same people who sending armed thugs on horses to fight protesters. Why even on their pictures I see only beaten Haredim and no other way around. And even if they would have such pictures I don’t trust these layers anyway.
    I grew up in the country where oppressive government was fighting people. They were sending their own to make damages to show later in the media hooligans damaging public property. Small scale false flag operation, regular tactic of police forces. How do I know it? My father was a cop.

  7. Thank you to Eidas for the smart move. We always demand that jewish cemetery in Poland or Turkey is holy and not bones can be touched. Why should goyim preserved jewish bones if we do not show respect to the bones of non-jews. Therefore, protests of Eidas Hareidim will show the world that jews care about the holiness of the dead and not only jews which will protect jewish bones as well. Thank you to talmidim chachamim who are smarter than us.

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