Israel Expects Insufficient Winter Rainfall as Kinneret Nears Historically Low Level


Israel’s Meteorological Service has forecasted that the country should anticipate insufficient rainfall this winter.

The Israeli prediction — which is based upon assessments of December’s weather forecast as well as European weather models — comes as the Kinneret, Israel’s largest freshwater lake and primary water source, approaches a historically low water level.

Based upon weather models used by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the Jewish state has a 64.7-percent chance of insufficient rainfall during the country’s primary rainy season of December through February.

Israel’s Water Authority warned in October that the Kinneret is critically low and in danger of reaching its “lowest level ever recorded.” As of that month, the sea was 703 feet below sea level, just a few feet above the historical low of 705 below sea level measured in

When water levels in the Kinneret cross below the black line, severe ecological complications can irreversibly contaminate the water and disrupt the lake’s fragile ecosystem.

The situation in the Kinneret has deteriorated in recent years as Israel’s north faces an ongoing drought. Israel has invested substantially in water conservation, reclamation and desalination technologies, allowing the Jewish state to significantly reduce its use of water from the Kinneret.




  1. We say every day in שמע that if we stray from the Torah path there won’t be rain. What do you expect if israel is the leading nation in toeiva. Parades every year in five major cities. Shabbos violation and tattoo shops.

  2. “Good rain for good reign”

    P.S. When the two of us arrived in Jerusalem on Thurs. 13th 2014, just before Purim, after spending five days in Eilat and before that nine months in Di Zahav, south Sinai, much rain fell all around the Holy Land and a period of very low rainfall for months in the region was broken. ? סקרן כן


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