Israel Electric Corp. Workers Brave Rockets, Restore Power To Gaza


israel-electric-corporation-headquarters-in-haifaAfter a day without power, electricity was restored to some 70,000 Gazans when the Israeli government gave the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) the green light to repair a high-power line that had been damaged by a rocket on Saturday, Israel Hayom reported.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that one of the rockets fired by Gaza terrorists Sunday night “hit an electricity infrastructure in Israel that supplied electricity to the Gaza Strip, causing a power outage to some 70,000 Gaza civilians.”

IEC employees dispatched to repair the damage were accompanied by IDF soldiers and outfitted with bulletproof vests. They wore special helmets to minimize the threat of shrapnel injuries.


{ Israel}


  1. Completely and totally out of out minds… What does it take for Israel to learn their lesson?!? The US can talk all they want, when they got attacked by terrorists nothing stopped them from taking over Iraq …and here we are fixing their electricity!

  2. Why are they helping the enemy???

    Help the poor in your own state!!!

    They are busy showing off to the world, which hates them anyway, on the back of their own citizens

  3. good job! keep up the good work. don’t forget to bring them gourmet food and chocolates,some good wine and bourbon.
    Can anybody recommend some good psychiatrist to the people who are making these decisions

  4. This enigma has a solution when you understand the underlying mode of operation of Bibi Netanyahu. He is not really the prime minister of Israel. He is actually the prime minister of International Legitimacy, meaning, he is in charge of getting the goyim to agree to any action before he does it. Whe he retires he is expecting to get awards and medals from international organizations that monitor human rights and Balestinian rights. Now you know why one day he says he will not risk lives of IEC employees to fix the electric lines and the next day he’s ordering it done. The EU is watching that he obeys what Obama tells him.

  5. Perhaps the real rodfim are the ones who bend over backwards to please the unappeaseable islamic murder cult – Arabs have no gratitude – our charitable moves will only be perceived as weakness – the perceived weakness invariably invites only more rabid islamonazi attack.

  6. Gaza recieved from Hashem a “natural consequence” of their actions. Why does Israel have to be more merciful than Hashem?


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