Israel Desalination Shows California Not to Fear Drought


desalination-plantSix decades of providing water in a country that’s 60% desert have made Israel a technological leader in the field. Desalination of sea water, reuse of treated sewage for agriculture, software creating an early-warning system for leaks, computerized drip irrigation and careful accounting of every drop have become the norm in Israel, the world’s 40th biggest economy.

North of San Diego, Israel’s IDE Technologies Ltd. is helping to build the largest seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. The facility, when finished in 2016, will provide 50 million gallons of potable water a day.

In Israel, desalination now provides one-quarter of the country’s water supply. Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. While this is a hopeful sign, it is important to remember that the problems of California are an order of magnitude greater than those of Israel: Los Angeles County alone has more people than Israel. Furthermore, because of the insane tax limits, neither the state nor local governments have the money to invest in such water projects today. Had those restrictions been in place in the past, the Los Angeles Aqueduct would never have been built and the area would have perhaps 1/10 of its current population. In addition, if agricultural water users in California had to pay the real cost of their water, they would not be able to compete with other regions that do not need subsidized water.

  2. Interesting that California a liberal leftist state that has shown support for boycott will except help from isreal. Guess when it comes to your own needs they do away with morality and ideology

  3. I have a friend in thousand oaks California and told me there is enough water but epa won’t allow use of its water because of some little snail

  4. That’s poor non sense. California has been using water as though it would never run out. They haven’t built a reservoir or dam to supply there needs in at least fifty years they are running out of water because of over use
    You are confusing the issue with something else

  5. ” that has shown support for boycott will except help from isreal”

    Wrong. California has some of Israel’s strongest supporters in the US Congress.

    “told me there is enough water ”

    Wrong. California is experiencing its worst drought since before Europeans arrived over 400 years ago. If conditions don’t change, we are looking at the end of inexpensive produce in America. The desalinization offers hope for urban areas, which use far less water.


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