Israel Defense Minister Warns Of ‘Painful’ Military Operation In Gaza If Attacks Continue


Unless Hamas curbs its arson terrorism and border-riots campaign, Israel may have no choice but to ‎launch a full-fledged military operation in the Gaza ‎Strip, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned on ‎Friday.‎

Lieberman made that statement while touring the city of Sderot, 1.5 miles from ‎Gaza, saying that Israel must maintain ‎the deterrence generated against Hamas. ‎

‎“Hamas is leading us down a path of ‎inevitability, where we would have to launch a wide-scale operation in Gaza that will be much more painful [for them] than ‘Operation Protective Edge.’ Hamas is solely ‎responsible for this,” he said. ‎

Lieberman stressed that while “there are no direct ‎talks with Hamas” Israel is “dealing with all the ‎relevant elements.” The defense minister was most ‎likely referring to Egyptian intelligence officials, ‎who have been trying to broker a sustainable ‎cease-fire between Israel and Hamas since last ‎weekend. ‎





  1. Just curious to know how many warnings that you have stop talking so much just do Very simply put if you’re going to go and do it then do it but stop threatening so much

  2. Nuff talk! Or is this only talk! How much more do Israelis near the border have to lose before you do as you say! The world should condemn you for not protecting your citizenry but anti-Semitism and anti Israel sentiment precludes that from happening! So you’re going to get ridiculed regardless! How many more soldiers have to fall? How much longer do children of Sderot and Ashkelon have to run for their lives to shelter? How many more farmers have to lose their livelihood? Nuff talk!
    Hey, in the U.S. we say that actions speak louder than words! Perhaps they don’t hear you! Perhaps they don’t understand you! Explain it in a meaningful way! Like Rashi says in Mishpatim, “שימה בפיהם!”

  3. I’m surprised the Russian drunk was able to put down his bottle of Vodka long enough to make a coherent statement. My only question is, who’s funnier, Lieberman or Baghdad Bob (of blessed memory)? Both are just talk talk talk talk. This do- nothing bum encapsulates Emor harbeh vi’asey miat!

  4. In all fairness to Netanyahu. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. Israel will invade Gaza and then what? The Gazians won’t be coming out to meet the Israelis with candy and flowers. It will be bombs away G-D forbid.

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