Israel Defense Forces: Palestinian Paramedic Whose Death Caused International Uproar Threw Gas Grenade


A Palestinian paramedic whose death caused an international uproar after she was killed during riots on the Gaza border was caught on video throwing a gas grenade before she was killed, the Israel Defense Forces revealed.

Razan al-Najjar was shot, reportedly by Israeli snipers, last Friday during violent demonstrations on the Israel-Gaza border. Pro-Palestinian and left-wing activists claimed she was merely giving aid to the wounded and pounced on the incident as an example of Israel supposedly killing unarmed demonstrators unlawfully. Her picture went viral on social media and incendiary kites sent over the border bore her image. Thousands of people attended her funeral.

An ongoing IDF investigation, however, has revealed that al-Najjar in fact participated in the violence, throwing a gas grenade and acting as a human shield.

IDF Arabic-language spokesman Avichai Adraee wrote on Twitter, “Razan al-Najjar was not the merciful angel that Hamas propaganda is trying to market her as. The fact we see her in front of the cameras protecting demonstrators with her body proves how Hamas exploits all classes of Gazan society to its ends and to Iran’s ends. Do medical personnel around the world throw grenades and participate in riots and call themselves human shields?”

According to Israel’s Channel 2, the army also stated that its investigation showed that soldiers did not fire directly at al-Najjar and did not intend to harm her. The investigation is still ongoing.

According to Hamas sources, over 120 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing riots on the Gaza border. A large percentage of them were members of terror groups.

The riots have been ongoing for several weeks, billed as the “Great March of Return.” Hamas has played the primary role in organizing them. The IDF has mostly responded with non-lethal methods, but has used live fire against attempts to breach the border fence, lay explosive devices along it, and directly attack Israeli soldiers.




  1. It’s okay! She’ll get her 70 ‘zoinim’ . She’s a terrorist and she deserves them. I wish the IDF would stop confusing world opinion by revealing the facts.

  2. The world is not interested in the truth. There’s good reason why President Trump calls CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media Fake News. The world is not interested in the truth. They can’t handle it. They go berserk and think of it as “conspiracies”. Many sheeple on here can attest to these “conspiracies” theories.

  3. wheres the UPROAR for 600,000 innocent syrians being slaughtered as opposed to these barbarians whos aim is to slaughter isrealis and are killed as defence measure?

    • Or in Turkey for that matter. Erdogan keeps blaming Israel for all of the Palestinian problems while he is busy slaughtering his own people.


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