Israel Braces for War Crimes Inquiries on Gaza


gaza-deadLt. Col. Eran Shamir-Borer, head of the strategic affairs branch in the international law department at the IDF Military Advocate General’s Corps, said in an interview that a recently established military committee of fact-finding teams is already investigating certain cases involving civilian casualties in Gaza.

He said that the planned bombing of homes used by Hamas operatives or other groups as “command and control centers” or for weapons storage was reviewed house by house, based on intelligence and other considerations. Guidelines were set for some of the attacks, for example, determining that they could be carried out only at night, or with a drone to check that the residents had evacuated.

Col. Shamir-Borer said his department had invited nongovernment organizations to submit complaints and had also approached them. “You know the international community is going to raise allegations,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Can someone explain why, when rockets (how many thousands of them?) are fired from Gaza to Israel which are intentionally aimed at civilian centers, it is not a war crime? Why is it Israel that is bracing for war-crimes inquiries, and not Hamas?

  2. War is war, not a game. It hardens a person to deliberately kill people, and it is good that the IDF emulates the Kohen who prepared the Jews for battle, but when the time comes, they must rise and kill those who have vowed to klll them.
    It is time to give the Pilishtim the ultimatum: leave by a certain time, after that we will carpet-bomb Gaza. Then we will return it to the Jews who belong there, in time for the shemittah year.
    AND, do not give any funds to the UN.


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