Israel Approves 5,000 More Palestinian Work Permits


palestiniansThe Israeli cabinet on Sunday approved permits enabling another 5,000 Palestinians to work inside Israel, to add to the 35,000 Palestinian workers rking legally there.

One cabinet source noted, however, that “while we take a step that will help the Palestinian economy,  [the Palestinians] continue to call for a total boycott of settlement goods and industry – something that hurts them since they are employed in that industry – and are behind the calls in Europe for stiffer economic sanctions against settlements.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. create more jobs for jews instead of bringing in trouble from outside. there are enough haredim that don`t get a job because of religious observance

  2. give these jobs to jews rather than enemies

    Dearest UN and palestinian sypathizers
    do you realize that by giving the palestinians a state you are hurting them, because there will be more unemployed palestenians, besides the fact that innocent people will be killed


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