Israel Apologizes After Diplomat Uses Singapore Flag As Tablecloth


Singapore flags. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.Israel apologized Thursday for the misconduct of a junior diplomat at the Jewish state’s embassy in Singapore who had used Singapore’s flag as a tablecloth during a party, sparking a diplomatic uproar against Israel.

Today Online reported that the diplomat was documented by a neighbor using the flag as a tablecloth during a party he hosted at his apartment in Singapore. Among other things, he placed alcoholic beverages on it.

The neighbor complained to police and the matter was transferred to Singapore’s Foreign Ministry, which summoned Israeli Ambassador to Singapore Yael Rubinstein. The Israeli embassy said it was “appalled to learn of the deplorable behavior displayed by one of its junior staff members and expresses its sincere apologies.”

The embassy also said that Israel’s Foreign Ministry director general, Dore Gold, “has instructed that requisite strong disciplinary procedures will be adopted.” Israel said the disciplinary measures reflect “the severity with which Israel views this incident, especially in light of the close and friendly relationship between Singapore and Israel.”

Singapore’s Foreign Ministry said that the “misuse of the Singapore flag is a serious offense” and welcomed the Israeli embassy’s apology as well as its assurances that the diplomat concerned would be punished.


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  1. A consequence of the “protektzia” system: well connected people end up in the positions they don’t qualify for. Wouldn’t be surprised if this guy became a diplomat through being somebody’s nephew.


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