Israel Announces Mission To Land Spacecraft On The Moon


An Israeli-built unmanned spacecraft will be launched in December from Cape Canaveral aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) officials said.

The $95 million project, begun seven years ago as part of a Google technology contest to land a small probe on the moon, was conducted together with IAI.

If all goes well, the SpaceIL spider-like craft will give Israel entry into the exclusive club of just three nations – Russia, the US, and China – that have so far achieved a controlled landing on the moon’s surface.

“We will put the Israeli flag on the moon,” said Ido Anteby, CEO of SpaceIL.




Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Is this the spacecraft which looks like parts put together from their storage in garage that they’ll be sending out?


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