Israel And Australia Strengthen Research And Business Ties


israel australiaAs part of Israel’s effort to strengthen research and development ties with countries around the world, the Israeli Economy Ministry’s chief scientist, Avi Hasson, this week signed an agreement with Commonwealth Bank of Australia during the first-ever investment summit between Israel and Australia.

“This is the first multinational Australian corporation joining Israel’s program of collaborating with multinational corporations. This testifies to the program’s global nature and its benefits even for companies from distant countries, especially those that do not yet have a permanent presence in Israel,” Hasson said in a statement.

The Australian bank’s interest is focused primarily on Israel’s cyber-security companies.

“This visit is clearly a testament to the high regard Australia has for the Israeli innovation economy,” said Hasson. “A number of Australian government and trade delegations have visited Israel in recent months, focusing on lessons from the ‘start-up nation’ in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.”

The summit marked Hasson’s first official visit to Australia.




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