Israel Allowing Chometz In Hospitals


In response to a petition to the Israeli High Court demanding a stop to the banning of chometz in Israeli hospitals on Pesach, the state has suggested a compromise.

Special sections would be allocated for storing and eating chometz, while guards would continue to check that chometz is not brought into hospitals’ regular areas.

One of the human rights groups that submitted the petition slammed the compromise, saying it would allow patients who observe kashrus to eat in their beds, while forcing others to visit the special chometz areas.

 { Israel}


  1. It is no different than what happens anywhere else in the world. We are in galut and we should stop the trite story that Israel is the Jewish state.

  2. nebech. these patients certainly have no idea

    nebech, these patients have no idea who the real doctor is

    and why do these people think that it’s ok for them to trespass on the sensibilities of all the other patients?

    • May be these other patients are Non Jews and good for them enjoying chometz on Pesach. However it should be done in a way it does not inconvenience anyone.
      But maybe the above is a non realistic Israeli scenario.

      • do you know anything of hilchos pesach? if non jew comes into your house your not allowed to feed him chametz because you or your property anywhere are not allowed possesion of chametz.
        SO, if these hospitals are in the ownership of yidden then chametzis forbidden to be owned or seen ..
        Sothe torah is not made up your boich svares

        • I don’t own the hospitals. Do you?
          They are most likely not owned by anyone at all, but rather by a corporation or public company.

  3. You must understand the mindset of such people:
    As usual with so called liberals, a/k/a marxists, compromises are unacceptable.
    And the truth is, besides the obvious Halachos issues, that we should NOT compromise in this specific case. How many people have donated to these hospitals “knowing” that they would keep Halacha, expecting that they would be Chofetz free on Pesach.

  4. Tug of war just to say Kosher in America. Still this is placed by the unorthodox.

    Worry about your blood pressure too. My rabbi will be with his raised.

    Unorthodox want to kill the holy. The reward is gentile given. You do not have to be a jew.


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