Israel Accepts Mediator Deal on Shalit


shalitsrael has accepted a proposal by the German mediator to free kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Yesterday, June 25, was the fifth anniversary of Shalit’s abduction during his army service near Gaza by terrorists belonging to Hamas, the Popular Resistance Committees and the Army of Islam.

Shalit’s condition and whereabouts remain unknown. He has been denied contact with anyone, including representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a violation of international law. The ICRC has challenged Hamas to prove that Shalit is still alive.

Other supporters of the young soldier have appealed to the government not to transfer funds to Gaza deposited in the Bank of Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority government as long as Shalit continues to be held hostage.

In addition, Shalit’s parents have said they plan to sue the terrorist entity in France, accusing Hamas of carrying out “acts of torture and of barbarism” against their son during his captivity.

The Hamas rulers of Gaza are believed to be holding him hostage “in harsh conditions,” pointed out Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at Sunday’s Cabinet meeting. “We know how is family is suffering. I think that the entire nation and all fair and just people in the world are incensed at what Hamas is doing.”

Netanyahu noted that Israel has applied “heavy international pressure” and said the government has also decided to change the conditions under which Hamas prisoners are held in the Jewish State, given that Hamas has still not freed the young soldier. “That party is over,” he announced.

In addition, Israel decided to accept the latest proposal from the German mediator trying to broker a deal with the terrorist group for Shalit’s release.

“This proposal was harsh; it was not simple for the State of Israel,” commented Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

“However, we agreed to accept it in the belief that it was balanced between our desire to secure Gilad’s release and to prevent possible harm to the lives and security of the Israeli people.”

Now, Netanyahu said, the next move is up to Hamas. Israel has to wait.

“We have yet to receive Hamas’s official answer to the German mediator’s proposal,” Netanyahu told the ministers.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. we are dealing with absolute monsters they have no human feelings like the rest of the world the truth is nothing that we can say to them will matter they are inhuman its like talking to the stone .

  2. Please don’t click on to the next article without saying a perek for Gilad ben Aviva. Remember him and daven for him at least one of the times a day you say the words matir assurim.

  3. I think the Red Cross has it right. Before any deal is struck, Hamas has to prove beyond a doubt that Gilad Shalit is still alive. Despite my most fervent hopes, the fact that they are not allowing any contact with him – not even the Red Cross – does not make it sound promising.

    Israel has to stand strong on this one: no prisoner exchanges for a coffin this time.

  4. It appears that our brother in captivity is suffering while we’re relaxing in our comfy homes. Let us perhaps sit on the ground for ten minutes everyday. Maybe then we will feel Gilads pain, and maybe then we will lobby our governments to do more, to stop this act of cruelty! This act of cruelty will then be portrayed for the whole world to see! Mr Netanyahu should be the first Jew to sit for ten minutes on the floor every day. Maybe then he will realise the pain of Gilad, and his poor mother and father and family.

  5. #5, you think Netanyahu isn’t aware of the pain? You think he doesn’t feel it acutely every day? But unfortunately, he is in the terribly tough position of being responsible for the security of the entire nation and not just the well-being of one individual, however heart-wrenching his situation.


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