Israel’s New MDA Command Truck Is Most Hi-Tech In Entire World


magen-david-adom-mobile-command-and-control-vehicle[Click here for photos.] Today, Magen David Adom unveiled a multi-million dollar command truck designed to direct rescue operations on the most difficult terrain and during cellular network failure.

The creation of the tractor trailer- sized command truck was motivated by the Mt. Carmel forest fire in 2010.

The “National Mobile Command and Control Vehicle” is the most technologically advanced command vehicle in the world, reports the Jerusalem Post. Inside the command truck, as many as five dispatchers and 18 officials can observe more than two dozen flat-screen computers and TVs, which display dispatch information and the location of every ambulance in Israel. At the truck’s nerve center, a single dispatcher can control six different monitors and use nine different phones and radios, all arrayed neatly on a desk and connected to the police and rescue networks. Read more here.

Click here for photos.

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