ISIS Threatens Second Hostage


steven-sotloffA second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, is at risk of being killed by ISIS after the group killed James Foley on Tuesday. The U.S. government confirmed that the video sent out on Tuesday does in fact show ISIS militants beheading Foley, who is the first American victim of ISIS.

In the video, after Foley is killed, the militant shows a second man, Sotloff, and warns that he could be next.

Sotloff was kidnapped in August of 2013 near the Syrian-Turkish border. He has freelanced for Time, the National Interest, and MediaLine. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. When is America going to wake up and see the Arabs, and Muslim extremists for who they are?

    They don’t just hate Jews or Israelis- they want to kill every American too!

    That means YOU TOO, Stupid American Media. And YOU, Dumb Liberal Americans!

  2. #1, You hit the bull’s-eye!

    These misguided “Obama-zombies” are living in their own radical left wing fantasy world. Anyway, they are too enamored right now with Ferguson, Missouri to be thinking about ISIS halfway across white world, know what I mean? Nebach, their fried little brains can only handle so much…

  3. Maybe its because America didn’t apologize enough to the Arab world for being successful in contributing to the world something of value!


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