ISIS Stole US-Supplied Rockets Weeks After They Arrived In Mideast, Report Says

A cache of 122 Chinese light machine guns recovered from the Islamic State south of Mosul in 2016. MUST CREDIT: Conflict Armament Research

The Islamic State used rockets supplied by the United States – possibly in violation of agreements with weapons makers.

Conflict Armament Research (CAR), a weapons-tracking group based in Britain, documented more than 40,000 firearms and munitions across Iraq and Syria by dispatching field investigators in an arc stretching from the northern Syrian city of Kobane to south of Baghdad, Iraq’s capital – a rough tracing of the Islamic State’s path to conquer wide swaths of territory and establish its caliphate.

The report, which the researchers call the most comprehensive to date about how the Islamic State obtained and fielded its weapons, was published Thursday and could become a vital tool for understanding the terror group’s deadly industrial proficiency.

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Alex Horton



  1. ISIS didn’t steal it, the Obama administration and the Deep State were arming them to topple the Syrian government as was reported.

      • It’s only conspiracy by the CIA, FBI, Deep State and Google. For everyone else it’s real news just like President Trump’s tweets, unlike Fake News you prefer while hiding your head in the sand.
        (BTW it’s these “conspiracy websites” that had the true polls before the 2016 elections while you foolishly believed your Fake News.)


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