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shidduchimBy iShadchan

I recently thought of an idea how to help out in the shidduch world for all of us out there who are not shadchanim by profession, but like to give it a try every now and then. Although this might not be the solution to the “Shidduch Crisis,” I believe the idea has a lot of potential. I call it iShadchan.

iShadchan is a website which has links to various spreadsheets. On these  spreadsheets there are the initials of eligible boys and girls, along with their basic information. (You can see an example spreadsheet on the site.) These spreadsheets are not available for everyone to see, but only to the people who have an iShadchan account.

The point of iShadchan is not to have one list of hundreds of names but rather to have many small lists shared by different groups of friends. The reason for that is, if you have one list with hundreds of names it may seem too overwhelming and you’ll give up on making a shidduch.

The question you may have is how will you get to know more people other than the same names you have on your spreadsheet, if the lists are kept to a limit? The answer; once you start a spreadsheet with a group of friends, you gain access to all other spreadsheets on the site, and the creators of those spreadsheets get access to yours!

How many times have we said to ourselves after a friend gets engaged “I should have thought of that!” You don’t need to know the whole world to make a shidduch!

For more information and to set up an account please visit: and see Starting Your Own iShadchan.

Note: Although it is a blog web address, the site is not used as a blog. Visitors cannot post their comments and opinions.

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  1. Did you also check out I believe they work almost in the same way. My friends say that they are pretty successful as well. Good luck to everyone out there trying to help Klal Yisroel. May this help bring the Geula closer!

  2. #4,

    Shidduch world is a great idea, and was meant l’shem shomayim, to help people.

    Two issues though:

    Way too much content is public.


    I’ve heard that they don’t get back to you and ignore requests. Probably due to a lack of staffing. Do they need volunteers?

  3. My question to you is,is this real chesed,or in order to have an ishadchan account I have to pay for it which makes you like all other shadchanim?

  4. to chaim i spoke to the creator of the site and he told me it is 100% free and there is not a penny being made by anyone! check out the site to see for yourself!
    to #4 the dif between this and shidduch world is that this site is geared to people trying to make shidduchim but shidduchworld is geard to the singles (and their parents)

  5. Wow! This is wonderful! As a shadchan living in a small community in the Midwest this helps me in reaching much more people. As a close friend of ishadchan myself, I know that he is doing this completely lsheim shomayim. May the ribono shel olom grant you continued mazal brocho and hatzlocho in all your endeavors.It is people like you you that create change in the world. Tizku Lmitzvos and Yasher Koach! OK gotta run…

  6. Reply to Chaim, I happen to know the creators of this website and it is done completly l’shem shomyim. He is an Ehrlicha yunger man and his only goal is to help the Shidduch crisis. May Hashem grant this family with only brocha v’hatzlacha for all they’re efforts to help klal yisroel!


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