Is There A Link Between The Film And The Shooting?


dark-knight-rises-batman-shootingWith the deadly shooting in Aurora, Colo., inside a packed movie theater showing “The Dark Knight Rises,” questions are being raised as to whether there is any connection between the killings and the movie’s plot and the character of Batman.

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” a masked villain leads a murderous crew into a packed football stadium and wages an attack involving guns and explosives. It’s just one of the more haunting scenes in the film.

It’s unclear whether the shooter’s motives had any specific link to “The Dark Knight Rises.” The shooting happened at 12:30, not far into the midnight screening that marked the film’s opening day.

Read the full report at WTHR.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Actually, the shooter claimed (according to WCBS) to be the Joker who doesn’t appear in the film. This was clearly a mentally deranged individual who would have done this type of thing in a different setting had Batman not existed. Let’s not get carried away here.

  2. Of course there is a link between what people see in the movies & how they act/react. This is a known fact. Hollywood has been one of the main reasons we have a degenerate society today with no morals!

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