Is Hikind Eyeing Weiner’s Seat?


hikind“A lot of people are encouraging me to run.  It is a very conservative Democratic district.  But at this point, I have made no decision one way or another,” New York State Assemblymna Dov Hikind told Hamodia today.

The seat that Mr. Hikind refers to was recently vacated by Reo. Anthony Weiner, who resigned after a scandal. 

Hikind has served the 48th Assembly District for more than two decades as an outspoken advocate for his constituency, battling discrimination, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and human rights violations. In the 25 years of his tenure, Dov has committed himself to the immediate concerns of his constituency and is proudest of mediating, facilitating, and advocating on their behalf.

Elected in 1982, Hikind has run unopposed since, honorably pursuing justice for his constituencies in Boro Park, Dyker Heights, sections of Flatbush, and beyond, frequently receiving calls for his leadership on issues which involve the greater Jewish community.

The Congressional district now up for grabs is not as densely Jewish as Hikind’s current one, but it also has a high percentage of Jewish constituents. For now, the district includes the neighborhoods of Forest Hills, Kew Garden Hills and Far Rockaway in Queens, and Marine Park and parts of Midwood and Kensington in Brooklyn.  It is poised to change or be dissolved in the redistricting process, unless one of the parties can leverage a strong figure in the seat.

“Many people would consider such a run. But it will be up to party bosses as to who will get the place on the ticket, and then the candidates will need to raise a lot of funds to win this seat,” journalist Yossi Gestetner told YiddishNayes.

As of now, “the Assemblyman has no additional comment,” Hikind’s press secretary Allison Witty told YiddishNayes.

{YiddishNayes/ Newscenter}


  1. Small correction: this district does not include Far Rockaway. It begins at Beach 84th Street and covers such locations as Rockaway Park, Belle Harbor and Neponsit.

  2. I’d personally rather a conservative who is such in both fiscal and social matters.

    I would be OK with a Democrat, provided he was a DINO.

  3. A DINO couldn’t win that district. The only one who can win is someone who panders to the labor unions, and I don’t think Hikind is pro-union (most frum yidden are not union members, Baruch Hashem.)

  4. I think it would be great if Dov would run. The question is, will the goyim vote for him? They are not aware of Boro Park & the good work that Dov does.


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