Is Fidler Ducking Frum Community Debate?


lew-fidlerBrooklyn, N.Y. — Democrat City Councilman Lew Fidler has seemingly become stage shy when it comes to performing in front of Brooklyn’s substantial Orthodox Jewish population.

The career politician has never had a problem trolling for votes until this past week when he refused a debate invitation from two prominent Jewish groups: Agudath Israel and Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush.

The two organizations sent out invitations to both candidates late last week, seeking a debate on issues important to the Orthodox Jewish community. Republican David Storobin agreed. Fidler did not.

Both men are vying to fill the vacant State Senate seat (27th District) left by Carl Kruger, who resigned in December.

Storobin said he wasn’t surprised by Fidler’s rebuff, telling, “Lew Fidler has proven that he is out of step with the Orthodox community. He opposes laws that protect the traditional family, is pro-abortion, and is against school tuition vouchers that would help Yeshiva families. Now he is afraid to defend his record in front of the voters.”

Although two other debates have been scheduled, one sponsored by the League of Women Voters and another by the Manhattan Beach Civic Association, Storobin said it is important for the Orthodox Jewish Community to get a good look at the candidates since they represent such a large percentage of the district.

“Councilman Fidler is turning his back on the Orthodox Community. He’s playing favorites by agreeing to one debate and not another. This is not what the people of the 27th District are looking for in a state senator.”

Storobin said his acceptance of the debate will stand if Fidler changes his mind.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Last night, Kehillah Marine Park, the neighborhood’s premier minyan, held its annual melava malka dinner. It had a huge turnout with representations from Marty Markowitz (Brooklyn Borough President), Martin Golden (NYS Senator), and speech by the NYS Assemblyman. Lew Fidler was a NO-SHOW. David Storobin, the Republican candidate, came personally and shook hands with every individual there. He is very personable and he will capture the entire Orthodox community as well as everyone that values family values. Lew Fidler is identified as a leading supporter of toeivah rights, toeivah marriages, etc., etc. This election is a no-brainer. Every frum person knows instinctively who to vote for.

  2. Sounds troubling!
    Where are we to turn! These are important issues & we’re getting “politic-ed” out of the true information that we need!
    Here we go again!!

  3. To Mr. Yeger:
    You’re being very foolish! they tried that same – “avoid the Frumah & everything will be ok” – trick (with David Weprin) & it backfired in the worst way! Unlike in the past, the Frumah voters are now very well informed! Candidates running for “public” office (hey, that includes us) have to realize that they can’t step on our values & insult us and then expect us to vote for you! You can ask Joe Lazar & David Weprin how they feel about it!

  4. This article is foolish. Lew Fidler has been hospitalized for an allergic reaction these last few days. Try to post some balanced reporting and attempt to get a response from both sides.
    Responsible news reporting deserves no less.

  5. Gee, if I were a politician running for office why would I accept a debate invitation to a group that I know is going to vote against me anyway? Why put up with the agmas nefesh of being called names in public when I could spend the time talking to voters who might actually vote for me?

    The Orthodox have every right to vote against Mr. Fidler, but they shouldn’t complain if he proceeds to ignore them. (And as he will continue to ignore them if he gets into office, to the loss of the frum community).

  6. To # 7, Kalman:

    Oh, poor baby! Should I take out my violin? I guess Fidler feels, he doesn’t need the Frum vote. Not so sure. Big gamble.


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